client: NOTI

production: 2018


This collection comprises three objects: a desk, a secretary desk and a dressing table. LOPP desk is the simplest product of the series containing only a handy drawer for essential accessories to go in line with the idea of having less. LOPP secretary desk has extra containers for stationery accessories and a hidden hub with USB ports and power supply. A movable mirror dominates over LOPP dressing table which also has an additional drawer and dividers on its top. The minimalist design of LOPP collection does not distract one’s attentions while performing tasks. User experience is very important for us; sensation upon touching wood and rounded desk top edges, the spaciousness of the work surface. LOPP is a modest design, has just a few structural components, and yet gives a lot of room for craftsmen to shine. Our product gives a minimum of storage space which is just enough for it to be functional and well-organised. The construction idea of LOPP is based on a metal core to which all other elements are attached to. This allows to send furniture in pieces to customers. Sending smaller packaging reduces carbon footprint. What is more, this furniture was so designed as to be disassembled into parts, to be renovated and for the broken parts to be replaced if needed. At the end of product’s life its construction allows to be recycled.



photos by Weronika Trojanowska